Civil Engineering & Stormwater Design

We offer full Civil Engineering & Design Services for all types of Land Development.


Stormwater Management & Design

Commercial, Industrial, and Multi-Family Development

Innovative Stormwater Design is essential for every Civil project, large or small, as this design often dictates site layout, and is often the deciding factor in determining if a project will be feasible.


Stormwater design needs to be considered at the beginning of every project, as it is essential for determining what area of the site will need to be set aside for stormwater purposes, or the cost of the stormwater facilities that will need to be constructed.


AXE Engineering Services provides innovative solutions and out-of-the box thinking to provide stormwater solutions that maximize the potential of your site – either by reducing site impacts or by reducing overall construction costs, and oftentimes both! Our stormwater design will help your project dreams become reality.

Short Plats, Long Plats and all types of Residential Subdivisions
Stormwater design has become a large component needed for permitting approval of every short plat and long plat. AXE Engineering Services provides an encompassing stormwater design that:

a)  assists with obtaining preliminary plat approval and

b)  accounts for all future plat buildout, to prevent the need for further stormwater design as the plat develops over time.

Single-Family Residential
AXE Engineering Services works directly with Building Designers, Architects, and homeowners to help navigate the different stormwater regulations associated with the building permit process in various jurisdictions.

No matter the size or location of your Single-Family Residence, if stormwater design is required for your building permit, we will help you find the right solution for your project.

Single-Family Residential (SFR) Stormwater Design

For SFR Stormwater Design, we offer a “Fixed Fee”, which means one up-front cost, and we guarantee review approval. This means we will complete any revisions or edits to our design that the jurisdiction may require until we receive design approval, at no further charge to the homeowner. This allows homeowners to budget for their build and know that there will not be any billing surprises for our storm design.

Visit our projects map to see many of our completed projects with final design approval.

Land Development

Commercial Developments

Commercial projects both large and small require efficient civil and stormwater design in order to integrate into the surroundings and construct the large amounts of paved surfaces that are typically needed.  We can help you develop an efficient site plan, and provide full utility, site grading and paving, and stormwater design and support so that you can build the project that you need.


Multi-Family Developments

 Multi-Family development is essential as cities grow and expand,  and infill Multi-family housing projects are now more common than ever.  We can help you find a way to consolidate space while creating a livable environment, and provide innovative civil and storm design to best use all features of the site. 


Industrial Developments

Industrial developments come with their own unique challenges.  Oftentimes located in dense, completely built-out areas, finding ways to meet current stormwater rules for redevelopment can be a challenge.  We can help you find a solution so that you can develop or redevelop the facility that you need.



Residential Subdivisions

Residential Subdivisions increasingly require innovative civil and stormwater design in order to create aesthetically pleasing lot layouts, while integrating the development into the surrounding area.  We can help maximize your lot layout and find innovative ways to manage stormwater on-site.

Our Civil Engineering & Design Services include the following:

Land Development

Residential Projects
Planned Unit Developments
Plats & Subdivisions
Commercial Projects
Industrial Projects


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