Cutting Through Project Barriers


Cutting Through Project Barriers
We are here for you.

We make every effort to identify and eliminate any barriers that stand in the way of your project’s success.

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AXE Engineering was founded in January, 2017 in order to meet the demand for high-quality, innovative engineering in the civil engineering market, specifically in the Pacific Northwest.

Mission Statement

The mission of AXE Engineering is to provide quality engineering and technical solutions that are responsive to our clients’ needs in an innovative, cost effective, professional, and service-oriented manner. We will accomplish this by utilizing our shared company values.

Our shared company values define a culture of personal independence coupled with collaborative teamwork, where our people are set free to be the best they can be. They define a work environment where each team member is motivated to respond quickly to client needs, to discover new ways to solve problems and to make responsible decisions on behalf of the company.

The freedom and responsibility that our shared company values give each of our team members will ensure that AXE Engineering has a unique and powerful competitive advantage.

Shared Values

We believe that as a team we can produce superior results over what each team member could achieve individually.

  • Our company fosters a balance between personal work and team collaboration.
  • Each team member contributes to the success of the team by helping others solve problems, meet deadlines and work effectively.
  • Each team member openly shares relevant information and accepts and supports team decisions after individual views have been expressed.


We believe in a work environment that provides individuals with flexible work hours and creates a healthy balance between work and private life, as this is essential for success in both areas.

  • Our company provides each individual with the freedom to arrange their own schedule to accomplish personal tasks, within the boundaries of accountability.
  • We understand how each individual’s work impacts the company’s success and ensures that each individual is given maximum freedom to succeed.
  • We understand that flexibility is essential to meet changing business needs.


We believe in a work environment that empowers people to make decisions that contribute to client satisfaction and performance of the company.

  • Our company balances decision making authority and responsibility, empowering each individual to contribute to overall project success.
  • We provide opportunities for individuals to develop new skills, expertise, and perspective.
  • We seek to actively develop the capability of others through mentoring and coaching.

Sense of Urgency

We recognize time as a competitive advantage.

  • Our company places a high priority on time and strives to meet project deadlines.
  • We are constantly innovating to find ways to reduce the time required to perform tasks.
  • We act quickly to accomplish our goals and meet our commitments.

Commitment to Client Satisfaction

We strive to delight our clients by delivering what we promise and exceeding their expectations.

  • Our company recognizes that action, rather than rhetoric, is the true measure of commitment.
  • We promise only what we know can be delivered, and strive to deliver more than what was promised.
  • We listen to our client, seek their input, and respond with urgency to their feedback.
  • We effectively represent the interests of client, and are willing to “go to bat” for our client.


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