AXE Engineering Services is excited to announce that in addition to all of the other services we offer, we now also provide Traffic Engineering!  We have recently completed a Traffic Impact Analysis Report for the full expansion of a 44 Acre Industrial Park build-out. This included Trip Generation and Access Review Analysis, now approved by Whatcom County! Our team evaluated total trip generation over a multi-phase site addition plan, & completed left & right turn warrant analysis in a traffic impact study to determine if main access road channelization would need to be upgraded. Also, we reviewed traffic incident & safety history for the County Roads surrounding the project site. We are thrilled by this milestone, as this Traffic Impact Analysis was necessary for the next steps to proceed in the overall planning of the complete 44 Acre Industrial Park build-out. We will keep you updated on this exciting project as it progresses!

In order to complete our Traffic Impact Analysis, we utilized the latest traffic engineering standards. We calculated site traffic data using The Institute of Transportation Engineers Trip Generation Manual, 11th Edition, & applied channelization criteria using the latest WSDOT Design Manuals.  If Traffic Engineering is required for your project, contact us today & we would love to discuss how we could apply these same principles to your project site!