Everyone involved in the building and development industry out there is aware that we are in the middle of a very busy building season, and based on how January has kicked off the year to a roaring start here at Axe, we anticipate the coming year to be the busiest building season yet!  With everyone working at maximum capacity, it is especially easy for project design and review times to take even longer than before, and we are working hard to find alternative ways to keep responsible development moving forward smoothly.

We are excited to announce that we have been working with the City of Lynden to bring on additional capacity for stormwater review, and we are excited that our first two trial projects through this new review process are now approved and proceeding with construction, and this addition has helped reduce our average review times by 84% compared to our previous projects in Lynden:

  • Riverwalk Development (80-unit condominium development):
    • Submitted 10/29/21, Stormwater Approval 12/8/21  (5 1/2 weeks)


Check back often for construction updates on these exciting projects!  And we are excited for our next projects in Lynden to benefit from this additional stormwater review capacity moving forward this year!