Traffic Engineering

Traffic and Road Safety Engineering

We use the latest traffic engineering techniques and resources to get your civil engineering project on the map. 

How a new development will impact the traffic and road safety of the surrounding area is an essential consideration for many civil engineering projects. In fact, it may be required by law to have a city-approved or county-approved traffic analysis before you break ground. Some seek out a separate traffic engineering company to get the green light for the project, but we find a civil engineering project has the best results when the stormwater, traffic and other considerations are overseen by one engineer.

AXE Engineering Services adheres to the high standards of The Institute of Transportation Engineers and meets or exceeds the requirements of the Washington State Department of Transportation in all aspects of traffic engineering. Our goal is to not only have designs approved efficiently but make each civil engineering project a seamless addition to the neighborhood which improves rather than detracts from road safety.

As an established engineering firm in Bellingham and Whatcom County, AXE Engineering Services has built strong relationships with jurisdictions in and out of the local area. This mutual trust allows us to collaborate on how the development can have the maximum positive impact on the local area over time. An accurate and thorough traffic impact analysis powered by forethought in traffic engineering can be a key part of this collaboration, helping the construction to receive approval promptly and with adjustments to make it more successful rather than less. 

Throughout the process, we work closely with clients to ensure all the needs of the project are being met. We take time to understand what is needed, and what factors are at play. We have our eyes on the short-term and long-term goals of a civil engineering project and are committed to helping clients reach success. Whether you just need traffic engineering or would like a single civil engineering firm to facilitate your project, we will bring the same high level of commitment to your project’s success. 


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